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Hungary´s Viktor Orban is on the right track in defending his nation and encouraging more childbirths

Sjáiđ frétt af framhleypni sćnsks ráđherra vegna andstöđu Ungverja viđ innflytj­enda­flóđ. My reaction:*

The fine and very reasonable policy of Hungary of “spending its money on families rather than on migrants” meet here with the Swedish social minister’s rude insinuation of fascism, and simul­taneously reminding the audience of her own pro-abortion policy disguised as a defence of the “independence” of women.[1] But Sweden, with its high abortion rate for about half a century, has notoriously shot itself in the leg by bringing its birth-rates far below replacement levels, and was soon creating thereby such lack of workforce for the economy that their weak, unprincipled politicians yielded to the pressure of mass immigration, mainly from muslim countries, and thereby creating the highly antagonized society we see there to-day, with incredible security problems, violence, arson and other attacks on property and the police as well as on the fire-squads, also highly increased levels of rape of women, even “honour murders” etc., plus acts of open terrorism!

Yes, Sweden is paying for its wholesale betrayal of the unborn, losing thereby innumerable children which would have helped create a healthy, more unified nation and robust economy.

And this is what that fossilized social minister still wishes to stick to all the time, without learning the lessons of her own 21st Cent. history: the huge, deplorable effects of the socialists’ unchristian attacks on unborn children.

So, Hungarians, keep that good spirit of preserving your national security, and not yielding to EU pressure, and least of all from such archaic social-democrats as that confused social minister of Sweden!

[1] Actually, legal permission for abortion has turned out not to increase the independence of so many women, rather made them easily controlled by their fathers or boyfriends to use their legal access to state-run abortions, so as to take the moral burden off the shoulders of the father or the grandfather to help the pregnant woman in real terms, as well as her child. Instead, she is bullied into abortion which may easily lead to her infertility, or stillbirths in later pregnancies, or preborn children which may become badly affected. The men took the lead, using the ‘liberalized law’ to serve their own means; the woman has to take all the health risks and complications!

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Annika Strandhäll, félagsmálaráđherra Svía, međ sín trénuđu viđhorf gagnvart fóstureyđingum og innflutningi óćskilegra í stórum stíl. 

* On the Hungarian news-page MFA summons Swedish ambassador, which was due to harsh criticism from that Swedish minister of social affairs.

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Tilkynna um óviđeigandi tengingu viđ frétt

Vísur kvöldsins (á íslenzku og ensku) -- Evening versification


Of life´s notorious predictability


Myself? I am not that bad,

nor is my sister Lily.

Her man was from Karlsbad,

so far from Piccadilly.

And thus we will proceed,

my siblings, yes, we hurried

through life, at highest speed,

and soon will all be buried,

forgotten, till we may

rise up at Judgment Day.



For my Peruviana


Of course I was too late,

yet wanted so to see you!

You might become my mate.

How fortunate to be you!

Just this: to hang around

      with me, so fine,

      and you´ll be mine

sweet lot, in duty bound

      both early and late

      to kiss your mate,

O that must sweetly sound !


Ţađ fór í verra međ Grímsvísuna (á íslenzku), hún ćtlađi ekki ađ renna saman, enda mađurinn međ eindćmum erfiđur (eins og vísan reynir líka ađ tjá), og ein línan stóđ á sér, ţar til kannski nú (og hér er "léttstuđlađ" í byrjun----og hefur svo sem sézt áđur):


Ţađ frekjuhunda liđ,

sem freistar mín ađ hasta´ á,

ég gef nú stundar griđ,

en Grím ţó punda fast á,

ţví hátt hann hreykir sér,

en hryllings orđ af fer, 

ţví refur reyndist sá,

sem reif á hol hvert lamb,

og iđrun sízt hann á,

en ţung er ţykkjan grá:

hans Ţistilfjarđardramb!


Ţessu til afbötunar skal tekiđ fram, ađ ekki er átt viđ ţađ í 5.-4. síđustu línunum, ađ hann hafi leikiđ lömbin í Ţistilfirđi grátt; hann hefur eflaust veriđ góđur smaladrengur eins og fleiri, en ţarna er ađeins í mynd­líkingu átt viđ ţá ca. 10.000 sakleysingja, sem misstu húsnćđi sitt og hröktust úr landi undan "Norrćnu velferđarstjórninni".

Og hvađ sagđi ég aftur í Timbúktú?

(Í tilefni af sjálfhverfri blogggrein Hannesar Hólmsteins: Hvađ sagđi ég í Bakú?)

Já, hvađ sagđi ég í Timbúktú? Ekkert sérstakt raunar, aldrei ţangađ komiđ! 

En ţó fór ég ţangađ eitt sinn í huganum í smá-skotljóđi á ráđstefnu --- nei, ekki úti í löndum, heldur hér í raunamćddu Reykjavík, en hafđi ţó gott tilefni ađ yrkja um ţarna viđ hliđina á mér:


How lovely you are at your best !

I assume I could stay for the rest

of my life by your side, O my Sara,

and walk through the whole of Sahara,

or at least to Timbuktu,

        so pleased to woo

        and ever pursue

the charms of only you!


Bezt ađ leyfa ţessari ađ fljóta međ, um sömu (báđar 22. marz 2014):


She practises socialism

and, at best, her veganism,

–––has a limited appetite,

and beef doesn´t ever bite,

which means I am safe enough,

and ours just Platonic love!


Og vegna fjölda áskorana (hehe) og til ađ sjáist, ađ ég get einnig hnođađ saman stökum á dönsku, ţá fćr ţetta stutta kvćđi (raunar makkaróna, međ slettum úr tveimur málum) um hina sömu á sama degi ađ enda ţessi sýnishorn:


Pĺ Konferensen


At trćffe Dem dagligt, at fĺ Dem at se,

at rřre ved Deres nette knć,

det ville dog vćre bedre end alt

som diskuteres–––og ikke sĺ kalt !


Og nu skal jeg skrive om Deres profil,

ja, skřnhedens fylde, med Deres stil,

oprejst og sĺ vacker, som svenskerne ved,

og smilet som trylder mig, nĺr det gĺr med !


Begejstringen, den er dog min, ikke sandt?

men nĺr De gĺr hjem, hvad fĺr jeg i pant?

Et smil pĺ min datamaskin? O, sĺ godt !

though to gain yourself ... would be my best lot !


Materialists speaking, socialists and libertarians alike

I am painstakingly, as it appears, trying to air and give vent to their underlying views in this little stanza, even if sarcastically to their disgrace!


How can you be that unpractical?

a social misfit, non-tactical !

politically so incorrect !

You might belong to a Christian sect !

confronting our well-established lies

that truth is only what money buys!

"Gleymska" s.k. vinstrilíberala gagnvart ófćddum börnum

Libtarded leftists always "forget" the unborn and their agony of death in cruel abortion.

Ţannig má ađ orđi komast um vanrćkslu ţessa lýđs viđ sannleikann, réttlćtiđ og mannúđina: öllu ţessu er bara hampađ á tyllidögum eđa ţegar hentar ţröngum pólitískum hagsmunum ţeirra eđa ofstćkiskenndri, skynsemislausri öfgastefnu. Ţađ er ekki minnsti vottur um međaumkun međ hinum ófćddu, og engum dettur í hug ađ leggja til, ađ jafnvel 20.-22. vikna fóstur fái deyfilyf, áđur en á ţau er ráđizt međ drápstólum lćknanna!

The Idealist, or the social activist


He´s not overrated,

in fact: rather hated, 

though not among the broad nation.

His opponents many

sought a way, if any,

to bring his work to frustration.

Did he feel diminished

and almost finished

in view of their condemnation?


No, his known resilience,

if not his brilliance,

would repel their mean aggression.

He fought his case well

and, sure, it pays well

withstanding their legal transgression.

And so he´s acquitted,

the judge admitted

his right to his free expression!

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ESB sýnir sitt rétta forrćđishyggjuandlit

A "Must read" in The Times to-day:
â—†There will be no favourable Brexit deal for the UK unless Theresa May accepts rules on European workers and security, Brussels has warned ...

Spurning hvađ stolt og öflug Theresa May segir viđ ţessu!

Ţađ er mjög öflugur pistill um brezka og ESB-reiptogiđ um sjávarútvegsmálin eftir Hjört J. Guđmundsson á á leiđarasíđu Moggans í dag -- alger skyldulesning fyrir ESB-sinna og okkur hina líka!

A very varied form appears of the European situation in the rights of non-heterosexuals

Advances in LGBTI* rights in Ice­land, ranking us 12th in Eu­rope in respect of the hu­man rights sit­u­a­tion in this regard, have not been won by well-informed consent of the public or politicians, rather by well-accomplished social pressure and one-sided propaganda, with the full collaboration of all the main media as well as the radical young clergy of the National Lutheran Church, without, however, ever getting deeply to the core of the matters. 

The present author has been informing himself on these issues for about 20 years, and writing extensively in this century on several websites, both about the sociological and psychological findings of research and publications, on the results of health reports, etc., as well as the general state of discussion, and legislative proposals and parliamentary sources, as well as theological and exegetical ones, being a theologian himself, and having participated for some time in argumentations among the Lutheran clergy where hyper-liberalist interpretations have sadly gained the upper hand; most of those pastors do even by now supervise weddings of gays and lesbians.

Turning again to the news here, there is, as it says in an An­nual Re­view of these matters now, "a huge range across Eu­rope", in the 49 assessed countries,

  • un­der six wide-rang­ing cat­e­gories re­gard­ing LGBTI rights. Each coun­try is awarded a to­tal score (%) on the ba­sis of the var­i­ous mea­sures ap­plied.
  • Ice­land’s score of 63% is one per­cent­age point down on the pre­vi­ous year and places Ice­land in 12thplace in Eu­rope over­all. The list is headed by the United King­dom (86%), Bel­gium (83%) and Malta (77%). At the bot­tom of the clas­si­fi­ca­tion are Ar­me­nia (9%), Rus­sia (8%) and Azer­bai­jan (5%). (Mbl.is)

Among "low scores" are Ukraine (10%), Italy (22%), Poland (26%), Switzerland (28%), Greece (37%), and Ireland (40%). We can view the overall picture here:

Many, at least in this country, have seen Ice­land as among the top countries in rights and tol­er­ance of gays and lesbians. Yet, according to the re­port, a ‘Rain­bow In­dex’ (here) shows some "sub-cri­te­ria for which Ice­land has or has not been cred­ited with con­firmed na­tional ap­pli­ca­tion. There are sev­eral ‘tick’ ab­sences for Ice­land un­der the ‘Equal­ity and non-dis­crim­i­na­tion’ and ‘Asy­lum’ cat­e­gories," it says here in the Mbl.is news ...

  • The Ice­land ‘coun­try re­view’ in the main re­port men­tions the State’s per­ma­nent ban on gay and bi­sex­ual men do­nat­ing blood and iso­lated in­ci­dents of ho­mo­pho­bic vi­o­lence in 2014. (Mbl.is)

Those alleged incidents are in fact so rare here in Iceland, according to press reports, that if we are scoring badly on that issue, compared to the other 48 countries, the overall situation in that regard must have reached a much better level in Europe than we even had expected.

As to donation of blood from gay men to heterosexual people, how can this be seen as "a human rights issue"? Do others, without regard for objective medical judgment, have a "right" to give us whatever that we may not wish to receive? Medical doctors in this country, as well as "The Blood Bank" institute, have been quite resolute in not accepting blood donations from 1) homosexual men as well as from 2) newly tattooed people, 3) drug-users of needle-syringes, and 4) prostitutes. Those are international standards from which our scientists are not ready to deflect. It can hardly be advisable that politicians allow themselves to intrude on this longtime field of medical expertise.

The full text of the ‘2015 An­nual Re­view’ can be found here.

* The abbreviation stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people.

mbl.is Iceland 12th in Europe on LGBTI rights
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The Nipples´ Liberation Movement

This phenomenon has left people puzzled, calling into question preconceived ideas of the attraction of breasts; and yet many stick to theirs. The present author had this illumination:

  •       The Nipples´ Liberation
  •        has had its way by now,
  •        exciting half the nation, 
  •        lifting many a brow
  •  but, then, we have to grapple with this: 
  •  Are tits just for feeding, and not for a kiss?!

mbl.is Bare breasts and girl power
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The Pirates : an Icelandic anomaly

The Pirates´ party in Iceland is by far the most irresponsible of all in politics. Their 100% contempt of popular will about Reykjavik Airport, their disregard of authors´ and composers´ rights, their opposition to amendments of the streets (with dangerously many holes), in their participation of the Reykjavik municipal council, yet at the same time spending huge amounts in unnecessary adventures about narrowing streets, mainly for the supposed benefit of our rather few cyclists, all this and many more awkward political issues of theirs do not seem to have reached the ears & brains of those who, despairing about the other parties, have now flocked to those Pirates, yielding them some 24.4% in the most recent opinion poll!

Their bill to give parents the right to name their sons girls´ names, and vice versa, may seem ´cool´ and even ´in´ in the minds of some absurd-thinking youngsters, to which this party strives to appeal, but will very unlikely have beneficial effect on the children in question, inviting constant jeers and ridicule, in other words: irritation, even harassment. Yes, so short-sighted they are!

The worst argued bill of law that the present writer has ever seen is the Priates´ party proposal to abolish the rather lenient clause in law against blasphemy. I have already had a hearing with the parliamentary General and Educational Committee where I was invited to argue for my written opinion (sent to the Parliament) dissenting against that bill of law. One of their contradictory assertions is that the attack on the editorial offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris makes the abolition of the blasphemy law an urgent matter for people´s rights of free expression, while in fact giving free rein to blasphemical outbursts against God, our Creator, or bad language about other supposed gods, may be the occasion, in some religious fanatics, to repeat, in some form or other, the horrid bloodshed at Charlie Hebdo.

The Pirates talk much about democracy and the supposed need for a national referendum in political matters, but this is, as we say here, "all in their noses", as they do not, when they have all opportunity to, show this in effect, such as about the widely opposed proposal of the leftist majority in the municipal council to abolish entirely Reykjavik Airport, the centre of domestic aviation, our only emergency airport to take landing flights from abroad, when Keflavik Airport is closed due to weather conditions, and the only really available place of training and teaching pilots in the country. The Pilots just go hand in hand with the other leftist parties in this issue. At the same time, opinion polls have been showing that 82% of the nation are against the demolition of that airport, and 73% of the inhabitants of the capital Reykjavík are of the same opinion. The largest general petition in our history, collecting signatures protesting for or against some issue, was in this particular case, demanding the preservation of that vitally important airport for our communications and for emergency flights when accidents and catastrophes occur: almost 70,000 signed that petition. Our former mayor, the comic actor Jón Gnarr, totally disregarded all those signs of the public will, and his successor Dagur B. Eggertsson, no less irresponsible, continues in his footsteps, as if following the wisest of gurus, and so do the immature Pirates.

The Pirates also take part in another silly spectacle in the municipal council: to put down a huge, many tons´ ugly stone on the premises of the present National Cultural House (Ţjóđmenningarhús, beside the National Theatre), in front of the doorway! This they prefer to have instead of a statue by our world famous sculptor, Bertel Thorvaldsen, made in Copenhagen, a self-image of his at work, a fine neo-classical piece of work now situated centrally in the park Hljómskála­garđurinn by the City Pond of Reykjavik.

As witnessed by this and other cases, the Pirates are essentially a revolting party on the Icelandic political arena, thriving on negativity, discontent and confusion. They are a temporary outburst of many peoples´s desperation of our politicians and their lack of resolve in working for the nation´s best interests. The present opinion poll, appearing to predict a sweeping victory for the Pirates as the possibly biggest party in Pariament in 2017, is thus a mere provisional state of affairs, depending on passing events and non-events, until more and more people have realized the multiple follies of this party, one of which, to end this sad narration of anomalous political agenda, and to crown this scandalous story, is their ideas of facilitating importation of addictive drugs into Iceland.

Jón Valur Jensson is a theologian, family historian (genealogist), proof-reader, poet, a prolific writer, and a social activist; he is a Cantabrigian from the 1980´s. Jón is available for the sundriest information at jvjensson@gmail.com, and at telephone (00-354-)616-9070.

mbl.is Pirate captain as Prime Minister?
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