The Pirates : an Icelandic anomaly

The Pirates´ party in Iceland is by far the most irresponsible of all in politics. Their 100% contempt of popular will about Reykjavik Airport, their disregard of authors´ and composers´ rights, their opposition to amendments of the streets (with dangerously many holes), in their participation of the Reykjavik municipal council, yet at the same time spending huge amounts in unnecessary adventures about narrowing streets, mainly for the supposed benefit of our rather few cyclists, all this and many more awkward political issues of theirs do not seem to have reached the ears & brains of those who, despairing about the other parties, have now flocked to those Pirates, yielding them some 24.4% in the most recent opinion poll!

Their bill to give parents the right to name their sons girls´ names, and vice versa, may seem ´cool´ and even ´in´ in the minds of some absurd-thinking youngsters, to which this party strives to appeal, but will very unlikely have beneficial effect on the children in question, inviting constant jeers and ridicule, in other words: irritation, even harassment. Yes, so short-sighted they are!

The worst argued bill of law that the present writer has ever seen is the Priates´ party proposal to abolish the rather lenient clause in law against blasphemy. I have already had a hearing with the parliamentary General and Educational Committee where I was invited to argue for my written opinion (sent to the Parliament) dissenting against that bill of law. One of their contradictory assertions is that the attack on the editorial offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris makes the abolition of the blasphemy law an urgent matter for people´s rights of free expression, while in fact giving free rein to blasphemical outbursts against God, our Creator, or bad language about other supposed gods, may be the occasion, in some religious fanatics, to repeat, in some form or other, the horrid bloodshed at Charlie Hebdo.

The Pirates talk much about democracy and the supposed need for a national referendum in political matters, but this is, as we say here, "all in their noses", as they do not, when they have all opportunity to, show this in effect, such as about the widely opposed proposal of the leftist majority in the municipal council to abolish entirely Reykjavik Airport, the centre of domestic aviation, our only emergency airport to take landing flights from abroad, when Keflavik Airport is closed due to weather conditions, and the only really available place of training and teaching pilots in the country. The Pilots just go hand in hand with the other leftist parties in this issue. At the same time, opinion polls have been showing that 82% of the nation are against the demolition of that airport, and 73% of the inhabitants of the capital Reykjavík are of the same opinion. The largest general petition in our history, collecting signatures protesting for or against some issue, was in this particular case, demanding the preservation of that vitally important airport for our communications and for emergency flights when accidents and catastrophes occur: almost 70,000 signed that petition. Our former mayor, the comic actor Jón Gnarr, totally disregarded all those signs of the public will, and his successor Dagur B. Eggertsson, no less irresponsible, continues in his footsteps, as if following the wisest of gurus, and so do the immature Pirates.

The Pirates also take part in another silly spectacle in the municipal council: to put down a huge, many tons´ ugly stone on the premises of the present National Cultural House (Ţjóđmenningarhús, beside the National Theatre), in front of the doorway! This they prefer to have instead of a statue by our world famous sculptor, Bertel Thorvaldsen, made in Copenhagen, a self-image of his at work, a fine neo-classical piece of work now situated centrally in the park Hljómskála­garđurinn by the City Pond of Reykjavik.

As witnessed by this and other cases, the Pirates are essentially a revolting party on the Icelandic political arena, thriving on negativity, discontent and confusion. They are a temporary outburst of many peoples´s desperation of our politicians and their lack of resolve in working for the nation´s best interests. The present opinion poll, appearing to predict a sweeping victory for the Pirates as the possibly biggest party in Pariament in 2017, is thus a mere provisional state of affairs, depending on passing events and non-events, until more and more people have realized the multiple follies of this party, one of which, to end this sad narration of anomalous political agenda, and to crown this scandalous story, is their ideas of facilitating importation of addictive drugs into Iceland.

Jón Valur Jensson is a theologian, family historian (genealogist), proof-reader, poet, a prolific writer, and a social activist; he is a Cantabrigian from the 1980´s. Jón is available for the sundriest information at, and at telephone (00-354-)616-9070. Pirate captain as Prime Minister?
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Now you know, you big bad world out there. The irresponsible and blasphemic pirates of Iceland, sons and daughters of bitches, are an anomaly in the normal Icelandic population. Ship ahoy! They should all be buried beneath that big ugly stone they call art.

FORNLEIFUR, 20.3.2015 kl. 11:44

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