A very varied form appears of the European situation in the rights of non-heterosexuals

Advances in LGBTI* rights in Ice­land, ranking us 12th in Eu­rope in respect of the hu­man rights sit­u­a­tion in this regard, have not been won by well-informed consent of the public or politicians, rather by well-accomplished social pressure and one-sided propaganda, with the full collaboration of all the main media as well as the radical young clergy of the National Lutheran Church, without, however, ever getting deeply to the core of the matters. 

The present author has been informing himself on these issues for about 20 years, and writing extensively in this century on several websites, both about the sociological and psychological findings of research and publications, on the results of health reports, etc., as well as the general state of discussion, and legislative proposals and parliamentary sources, as well as theological and exegetical ones, being a theologian himself, and having participated for some time in argumentations among the Lutheran clergy where hyper-liberalist interpretations have sadly gained the upper hand; most of those pastors do even by now supervise weddings of gays and lesbians.

Turning again to the news here, there is, as it says in an An­nual Re­view of these matters now, "a huge range across Eu­rope", in the 49 assessed countries,

  • un­der six wide-rang­ing cat­e­gories re­gard­ing LGBTI rights. Each coun­try is awarded a to­tal score (%) on the ba­sis of the var­i­ous mea­sures ap­plied.
  • Ice­land’s score of 63% is one per­cent­age point down on the pre­vi­ous year and places Ice­land in 12thplace in Eu­rope over­all. The list is headed by the United King­dom (86%), Bel­gium (83%) and Malta (77%). At the bot­tom of the clas­si­fi­ca­tion are Ar­me­nia (9%), Rus­sia (8%) and Azer­bai­jan (5%). (Mbl.is)

Among "low scores" are Ukraine (10%), Italy (22%), Poland (26%), Switzerland (28%), Greece (37%), and Ireland (40%). We can view the overall picture here:

Many, at least in this country, have seen Ice­land as among the top countries in rights and tol­er­ance of gays and lesbians. Yet, according to the re­port, a ‘Rain­bow In­dex’ (here) shows some "sub-cri­te­ria for which Ice­land has or has not been cred­ited with con­firmed na­tional ap­pli­ca­tion. There are sev­eral ‘tick’ ab­sences for Ice­land un­der the ‘Equal­ity and non-dis­crim­i­na­tion’ and ‘Asy­lum’ cat­e­gories," it says here in the Mbl.is news ...

  • The Ice­land ‘coun­try re­view’ in the main re­port men­tions the State’s per­ma­nent ban on gay and bi­sex­ual men do­nat­ing blood and iso­lated in­ci­dents of ho­mo­pho­bic vi­o­lence in 2014. (Mbl.is)

Those alleged incidents are in fact so rare here in Iceland, according to press reports, that if we are scoring badly on that issue, compared to the other 48 countries, the overall situation in that regard must have reached a much better level in Europe than we even had expected.

As to donation of blood from gay men to heterosexual people, how can this be seen as "a human rights issue"? Do others, without regard for objective medical judgment, have a "right" to give us whatever that we may not wish to receive? Medical doctors in this country, as well as "The Blood Bank" institute, have been quite resolute in not accepting blood donations from 1) homosexual men as well as from 2) newly tattooed people, 3) drug-users of needle-syringes, and 4) prostitutes. Those are international standards from which our scientists are not ready to deflect. It can hardly be advisable that politicians allow themselves to intrude on this longtime field of medical expertise.

The full text of the ‘2015 An­nual Re­view’ can be found here.

* The abbreviation stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people.

mbl.is Iceland 12th in Europe on LGBTI rights
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