Hungary´s Viktor Orban is on the right track in defending his nation and encouraging more childbirths

Sjáiđ frétt af framhleypni sćnsks ráđherra vegna andstöđu Ungverja viđ innflytj­enda­flóđ. My reaction:*

The fine and very reasonable policy of Hungary of “spending its money on families rather than on migrants” meet here with the Swedish social minister’s rude insinuation of fascism, and simul­taneously reminding the audience of her own pro-abortion policy disguised as a defence of the “independence” of women.[1] But Sweden, with its high abortion rate for about half a century, has notoriously shot itself in the leg by bringing its birth-rates far below replacement levels, and was soon creating thereby such lack of workforce for the economy that their weak, unprincipled politicians yielded to the pressure of mass immigration, mainly from muslim countries, and thereby creating the highly antagonized society we see there to-day, with incredible security problems, violence, arson and other attacks on property and the police as well as on the fire-squads, also highly increased levels of rape of women, even “honour murders” etc., plus acts of open terrorism!

Yes, Sweden is paying for its wholesale betrayal of the unborn, losing thereby innumerable children which would have helped create a healthy, more unified nation and robust economy.

And this is what that fossilized social minister still wishes to stick to all the time, without learning the lessons of her own 21st Cent. history: the huge, deplorable effects of the socialists’ unchristian attacks on unborn children.

So, Hungarians, keep that good spirit of preserving your national security, and not yielding to EU pressure, and least of all from such archaic social-democrats as that confused social minister of Sweden!

[1] Actually, legal permission for abortion has turned out not to increase the independence of so many women, rather made them easily controlled by their fathers or boyfriends to use their legal access to state-run abortions, so as to take the moral burden off the shoulders of the father or the grandfather to help the pregnant woman in real terms, as well as her child. Instead, she is bullied into abortion which may easily lead to her infertility, or stillbirths in later pregnancies, or preborn children which may become badly affected. The men took the lead, using the ‘liberalized law’ to serve their own means; the woman has to take all the health risks and complications!

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Annika Strandhäll, félagsmálaráđherra Svía, međ sín trénuđu viđhorf gagnvart fóstureyđingum og innflutningi óćskilegra í stórum stíl. 

* On the Hungarian news-page MFA summons Swedish ambassador, which was due to harsh criticism from that Swedish minister of social affairs. Fjögurra barna mćđur borgi ekki skatt
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